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The wrong cart hurts

Despite the claims, many other popular carts often cannot ergonomically meet the height needs of smaller caregivers in seated positions. Note the awkward angle of wrist, elbow and neck in the drawing at right. Additionally, very tall caregivers often strain their necks or slump over to view display.

Trust our solutions, they’re built on real experience

It is commonly understood that a truly ergonomic workplace increases the efficiency and productivity of an operator while reducing fatigue, exertion and musculoskeletal disorders. A truly ergonomic computer mounting system will allow you to adjust your monitor and keyboard in the following five positions whether you are standing or sitting.

What are the requirements of a truly ergonomic point-of-care cart ?


Find your ergonomic zone

  • Minimum 20″ (51 cm) of keyboard height adjustment, with independent LCD tilt, pan and height adjustment, covers the majority of caregivers for seated or standing use, roughly 5´10″ to 6´1″ (152 to 185cm) tall.
  • Single-motion fluid sit-to-stand adjustment is crucial; it frees caregivers from having to take time to adjust multiple components in order to reach their personal zone.
  • Keyboard tray that tilts back keeps wrists in neutral position, even when seated.
  • Minimum push/pull and adjustment forces required to move cart or components.
  • Intuitive, ample storage spaces/cable management; access to user interfaces.
  • Front and back handles for moving cart.
  • Adjustable mounts for caregivers with bifocals.

Learn more about reaching your personal zone at

Ergotron Videos

Ergotron StyleView:
Fit for Every Body

Attractive, lightweight and ergonomic. The hulking doctor? Goodness no. It’s Ergotron’s new StyleView EMR Medical Cart. It moves so easily–for every body!

Tester Guy:

See what happens when tester guy meets the Neo-Flex Combo Lift Stand from Ergotron. Increased productivity and better comfort when using a notebook computer in the office aren’t the only benefits. You too, just may get heightened imagination as well!

Ergotron WorkFit-D:
Business As UNusual

Sit while you work. Stand while you work. Change position on a whim. If you’re stuck long hours in the office, work doesn’t need to be business as usual—get WorkFit-D from Ergotron and feel better!

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