X-Ray Processing Equipment, CR, Pacs, Eizo swing sensors, Eizo UX1 calibration puck.

Image acquisition hard copy printing. Using our experienced engineers we have developed preventative programmes to maximize the reliability and efficiency of your equipment. We provide full service contracts to the following equipment.

Conventional X-Ray Processing Equipment, Computed radiography hard Copy Printing, image Acquisition and PACS work. The work carried out during our visits includes the replacement of parts, software configuration, fault history diagnosis, and cleaning and testing of equipment.

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Calibration Service

Monitor Calibration Services

Taurus Medical Solutions can offer a full range of monitor calibration services on all types of diagnostic displays to DICOM Greyscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) guidelines.

Our experienced engineers will visit your Hospital/Clinic and carry out a full service and calibration of your Diagnostic workstations at a time convienient to you.

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Monitor Calibration Service


We can provide a full range of consultancy services on a wide range of Picture and Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) Including:-

DICOM Modality integration.
System Architecture Planning and Design.
Patching of hardware/software environment.
Network setup, configuration and installation services.
Integration of systems across Wide Area Networks.
Web-based Tele-Radiology Solutions.
Calibration of diagnostic displays and servicing of PACS workstations.
System Diagnosis and fault finding.

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