SmartBucky DM


The Full-Field Digital Mammography Upgrade Solution

The innovative SmartBucky DM is a single integrated component designed to upgrade mammography systems from film cassette (or CR) to the Full-Field Digital modality. SmartBucky DM includes patented pendulum motion Bucky with grid, CMOS detector and AEC functionality all housed in an attractive breast compression platform.

SmartBucky DM is furnished with acquisition work station software and DICOM interface for use with many commercially available PACS systems.


Digital image acquisition at the lowest possible dose, with our unique SmartBucky DM system with flat panel digital detector, and pendulum moving high quality grid combined into a complete compression table unit.


Taurus Medical Solutions and Claymount SmartBucky DM is offered both as an UPGRADE/RETROFIT KIT to upgrade your existing analog mammography system into a digital mammography system, and as a digital subsystem that system suppliers can incorporate into their own equipment. It comes in two sizes, large or small. It is the most advanced image acquisition package, combining a true compact design using the most advanced technology to ensure absolute line-free, low dose, and high contrast images.

Our SmartBucky DM combines all the benefits of our well known state-of-the-art component technology into one smart package, offering you a smart choice.

SmartBucky DM Specifications

Pendulum motion Bucky

• Line – free imaging at 50 msec and longer exposures
• Patented pendulum motion grid keeps grid lamellae 100% in focus
• Highest possible remnant beam transmission
• Fiber interspaced grid-5:1 ratio; 31 lines/cm


• Low – noise CMOS panel
• Cesium Iodide scintillator
• 75 μm pixel size
• Active area 290 x 230 mm
• AEC functionality

Breast platform compression table

• Chest wall to sensor active area < 3 mm
• Full carbon housing
• High x-ray transparency
• Biocompatible material
• Designed for effective disinfection

Software and interface

• Procedure selection
• Manual patient data input
Physical and personal
Technique (kv, ma, distance)
Mechanical settings (thickness, angle, pressure)
• Image acquisition pre-processing and viewing
• Ethernet (GigE vision) data interface with detector
• Detector calibration
• DICOM interface


• Superior image quality
• Overall dose reduction of up to 7%
• High reliability moving grid drive system
• Integrated Flat Panel Detector with accompanying
imaging software
• High quality compression table module
• Easier installation, less hassle due to integrated components
• Very affordable price

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