Radiforce SCD19102

The RadiForce SCD19102 Produces color and grayscale images for the accurate, high speed presentation of motion studies and dynamic images in endoscopy, surgery, cardiac imaging, and ultrasound. Fully automated stability function makes use of an internal backlight sensor to quickly stabilize the brightness level at startup and to compensate for fluctuations caused by variations in ambient temperature and the passage of time.

19″ 48cm (19″) COLOR LCD MONITOR

TFT Color LCD Panel (IPS)

Native Resolution
1280 x 1024 (5:4 aspect ratio)

Model Variations
SCD 19102 D: With Stand
SCD 19102 C: Without Stand
SCD 19102 CP: Without Stand, with Panel Protector

Anthracite Gray


  • Wide Viewing Angles for Multiple People Use
  • Quick Brightness Stabilization for Instant Viewing
  • Diagnostic Precision with Factory Adjustment
  • Space-Efficient Installation Alternative
  • Wide Range of Input and Output Support
  • LCD Panel Protector for Easy Cleaning
  • Clear Image with I/P Conversion
  • Arm Mountable VESA Compliance
  • Customer Assurance with Medical Standards
  • ISO 13485 Certification
  • Warranty with Safety and Trust

5 Year Warranty